Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Choosing the Right Race

So I am in the process of choosing a spring half marathon....Luckily, since this distance continues to increase in popularity, there is no shortage of choices. I am looking for a race that has a scenic course, adequate aid stations, and a festive race atmosphere--I am even willing to travel in order to meet aforementioned requirements. Being a resident of Providence, I have checked out the Cox Rhode Races Half marathon and have heard mixed reviews. The time of year is right, but not totally sold on the course.

I love the idea of a Rock n' Roll marathon, but the idea of doing the Providence Rock n' Roll half marathon in the beginning of August is not very appealing. I am still not quite sure why they picked August for a half marathon in Providence--the heat and humidity are making me sweat already! A friend came across the Big Lake Half Marathon in Alton, NH, so I checked out their race information. What's not to love (except maybe the hills)?
Water stations competing for prizes based on creativity--you could really have fun at this one! Having lived in San Diego for awhile, I also checked out the Rock n' Roll half there. The course looks beautiful, but the sheer size of the race is a little overwhelming--I think last year they had about 30,000 runners. I will continue in search of the perfect spring half marathon, any suggestions are much appreciated...