About Rhody Mom

Rhody Mom is a thirty-something mother runner to two young boys. I have been a runner since high school, though my motivations for running have changed drastically over the years. As a high school runner, I ran to stay in shape for sports or to look good in my cheerleading uniform. When I went to college, I continued to run to help ward off the freshman fifteen and to help get the creative juices flowing when I had writer's block. When I entered the "real world," running became more of a stress release. Don't get me wrong, I like the side effect of staying in shape! As a mother, running has given me the greatest gift. Running has allowed me to maintain my sanity on days when I feel like literally running away (pun intended!). My hours of running are the time that I give to myself every day to sweat it out and recharge my batteries. It has also helped me to gain self-confidence, as I push through tough workouts and realize that "Yes!! I can make it!" I know that, barring injuries, I will be a lifer when it comes to running.