Friday, October 21, 2011

Core Confessions

So, I am pretty sure the last time I did a core workout was before I was pregnant with my second son. That would be about, oh, two years ago? I made a resolution this fall to work more on my core muscles to help make me a stronger and faster runner. A couple of days ago, I was walking through Target in the fitness area and found Shape's Pink Power: Flat Abs 5 Ways. After having two children, flat abs sounds very good to me--I was ready to purchase. I decided to give the DVD a try this afternoon--end result, the core is definitely in need of some TLC. It probably didn't help that my 3 year old son was coaching me and said "Mommy, you're not doing it like the video." Yes, I recognize that, I just had to make a few "modifications" to get through the workout! This DVD had five 10-minute workouts, which I actually think will work great for me. I can never seem to make it to a Pilates class or core class at the YMCA, so my plan is do one of these workouts every other day and see where that gets me Maybe here? (I wish!)

In all seriousness, focusing on core strengthening can help your running A LOT--which is exactly why I am revisiting this area of my body. A strong core stabilizes your body when running When the core is not strong, running form is compromised which can lead to imbalances/injuries in other parts of the body. Strengthening your core can make you a more efficient runner, which in turn will make you faster. For a couple of simple core exercises, click here.